Xiangyang Jiuzhou Automobile Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Jiuzhou automobile") is a modern vehicle manufacturing enterprise with mixed ownership and intelligent urban transportation solution supplier, which integrates the R & D, manufacturing, sales and service of new energy buses, logistics vehicles, special purpose vehicles and driverless intelligent equipment products.

The company headquarters is located in Xiangyang City Dongjin New Area chucheng Road 8. The company covers a total area of 666 mu, and four process workshops have been built in the first phase, namely, parts, welding, coating and general assembly workshops; at the same time, there are also test and detection center and product research center. In terms of technology and equipment, the company has built silane pretreatment system, car body and chassis electrophoresis coating production line, EMS automatic electric hoist assembly line and other domestic first-class production lines. At the same time, in order to ensure the consistent quality of parts products and the production of Kyushu new energy vehicles, and to ensure that every vehicle leaving the factory can stand the test of users' time, the company also invested more than 20 million yuan to build a fully functional product testing and experimental center, with more than 100 sets of high-end testing equipment. The company has formed an adult production and marketing scale of 55000 new energy vehicles.

The company's main products cover 6-18m pure electric bus / city bus and more than 10 kinds of special vehicle series, such as termite control, medical rescue, engineering rescue, environmental sanitation vehicle, driverless sweeper, etc.

To survive by quality, to develop by innovation. Kyushu automobile "adheres to the business philosophy of building a good car with the heart of craftsman and treating customers with gratitude", continuously increases investment in product research and development, and continues to provide customers with more valuable products and services. At present, the company has established an advanced technology research institute, equipped with a technical team composed of more than 60 middle and senior technical personnel with strong innovation ability, rich technical experience and long working time in the new energy automobile industry. It is specialized in the research and development of new energy products, new materials, new processes, new technologies and automobile intelligent research and application. Since its establishment for 4 years, the company has obtained the new energy vehicle phase There are more than 20 patents. The company has been successively awarded the "Golden Panda Award" in 2017, the "most trusted automobile enterprise brand award for operators and users in China's new energy automobile industry" in succession. During the period of China Green Logistics festival in 2018, the company was rated as the "top ten potential automobile enterprises" in China's green logistics industry.

The company has been focusing on solving customer pain points as the starting point, to meet customer needs and the best sense of experience as its own responsibility, has always been equality, openness, CO creation, sharing, win-win cooperation mentality, integration of domestic and foreign resources, can provide personalized, one-stop green travel, green logistics, intelligent city transportation solutions for customers from all walks of life.

The company's business philosophy: to build a good car with the craftsman's heart and treat customers with gratitude;

The company's goal: adhere to customer first, respect the value of employees, protect the interests of shareholders, promote social harmony, advocate green environmental protection, and strive to build "harmonious Kyushu, science and technology Kyushu, strength Kyushu" with international competitiveness;

Company vision: to become the most valuable new energy vehicle enterprise at home and abroad;

Company spirit: learning, innovation, pursuit of excellence;

The survival philosophy of the company: Cheetah and springing antelope race -- the fast live, the slow die, win in action, fast, speed as a competitive advantage.

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